2009.01.14 15:32 "[Tiff] tiffset and multi-page files", by Wendell Dingus

2009.01.14 16:12 "Re: [Tiff] tiffset and multi-page files", by Frank Warmerdam

$ tiffset -s 306 "2002:11:20 09:57:36" test.tif
$ tiffinfo test.tif

test.tif: Warning, incorrect count for field "DateTime" (25, expecting 20); tag trimmed.

DateTime: 2002:11:18 16:50:40
DateTime: Tue Nov 19 10:59:37 2002

I have a bunch of multi-page G4 TIFFs produced by someone with some braindead(?) software that put the DateTime tag in as 25 characters and in an incorrect format. I've been trying to correct them with tiffset and have just discovered that for a multi-page TIFF, it only fixes page 1. Any idea how to correct all the pages without tiffsplitting it and doing them individually?


It would be relatively easy (and I think somewhat desirable) to extend tiffset to support specification of the directories to operate on. But assuming you don't want to modify and rebuild software - no - I think splitting, fixing and remerging is your most direct option.

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