2002.05.13 02:21 "Displaying TIFF images as a bitmap?", by Bad Badtz

2002.05.13 12:56 "Re: Displaying TIFF images as a bitmap?", by Peter Nielsen

I need to display a GeoTIFF image as a Windows bitmap using CreateBitmap API.

But I notice that the image is inverted vertically. I read in tiff2dib.c that in the tiff file, the lines are saved from up to down and in a DIB, the lines must be save from down to top. Does that means that when creating my bitmap, the bits from the TIFF image should be inserted bottom-up?

Windows and OS/2 DIBs are stored with bottom-to-top scanline ordering. Under Windows you can use a negative value for the DIB height to achieve top-to-bottom ordering.

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