2009.02.12 21:10 "[Tiff] warning and errors", by Philip Watkinson

2009.02.12 23:56 "Re: [Tiff] warning and errors", by Bob Friesenhahn

We want to use Libtiff in a production evironment. We don't want warnings/error messages unless there is a critical error (the image is corrupt).

  1. Is there a listing of warnings which indicate that the image is corrupt?
  2. If Libtiff generates an error, can I assume it is a critical error?

TIFF is a very flexible format. There are proprietary usages of TIFF which require special tags in order for the proprietary software to be able to read the file correctly. If a program using libtiff opens one of these files then the result may be gibberish. However, the user is likely to see a wrong looking image.

In my experience, it is safe to simply ignore libtiff warnings most of the time.

If libtiff generates an error then something is severely wrong with the file, there is a bug in libtiff, or there is a limitation in the run-time environment (e.g. not enough memory). Errors are serious.

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