2002.08.20 07:31 "memory allocation", by Peter Majer

2002.08.20 07:31 "memory allocation", by Peter Majer

Dear readers of tiff@olympiakos.com,

the section on memory management in the libtiff documentation is dangerously misleading. It gave me the impression that I can pass memory to the library into which it reads image data. And obviously I assumed there would not be extra memory allocated by the library to hold these data. Wrong!

When I call TIFFClose after having read a 400 MB dataset, the tiff library releases 400 MB of memory! This memory should not be necessary. At least it should be documented that the library does this allocation.

Best regards,
peter majer

p.s. Data are read using TIFFReadEncodedTile(), to which I pass my own memory.

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