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2003.04.14 11:30 "planar to chunky", by Carter John-jcarte01


I though I'd get my facts straight before i tried implementing this conversion process.

I've got a tiff in planar format ie planar_configuration = 2. I've a question.

  1. a Is all the data for a pixel in the one strip eg in a strip 12 bytes long is the rgb data for the 1st pixel at locations 0,4,8 (assuming 24bit image) OR
  2. b is the image divide in 3 strips and the 1st strip is devoted to Red. ie the rgb data for the 1st pixel is in 1st location of each strip ?
  3. assuming the 1a is true, would the bytes for the 1st pixel in a 48bit image be in strip locations 01,45,89 ?
  4. if the image is also horizontal differencing ie predictor = 2 should the differencing be done after the strip has be chunkified :-)

thanks jc


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