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1994.02.18 18:35 "libtiff and DEC with Ultrix ?", by Cyrille J Precetti
1994.02.18 20:27 "Re: libtiff and DEC with Ultrix ?", by Dan Seyb
1994.02.18 22:18 "Re: libtiff and DEC with Ultrix ?", by Dan McCoy

1994.02.18 22:18 "Re: libtiff and DEC with Ultrix ?", by Dan McCoy

Do you know of a port of libtiff to DEC stations running ULTRIX?

As i remember, it was a pretty simple effort, consisting mostly of downloading the software, and running the makes. That was several revisions of the library ago, but i would hope it is not significantly harder now.

Folks, this is a VERY portable library. Just grab it and compile it.

We at Pixar have it integrated into a package that we build on: DECstation Ultrix, SGI, HPUX, IBM AIX, SunOS, Solaris, NextStep, Macintosh, Windows, Windows NT (Intel, MIPS, Alpha), IBM PVS, Dec alpha OSF, YARC 29K accelerators for MAC, Apple PowerPC,...

Not to mention the machines that have had it running on in the past but we don't currently maintain: transputer, Cray, Alliant, Tahoe, various i860 accelerator cards for PC and Mac, 88K accelerator cards for Mac.

Because we do all of that, our makefiles are pretty twisted and would not be very useful outside of our environment, so we don't bother sending default makefiles back to Sam every time we get the library working somewhere else. But whenever we need a code change for portability, that goes back to Sam and is integrated into the next release.

And we're far from the only ones supplying porting experience back into libtiff, there are dozens of others.

If you need libtiff on anything, best thing is to just try it. Unless your machine has 24-bit shorts or something oddball like that it's mostly just choosing compiler options.

If you get into trouble, that's when you send a message to asking for help.

Dan McCoy     Pixar