2002.05.10 15:29 "tiled jpeg compressed tiff", by Vittorio Casella

2002.05.10 16:45 "Re: tiled jpeg compressed tiff", by Andrey Kiselev

I have a 800 MB colour image and I'd like to transform it into a tiled jpeg compressed tiff file. Apparently ImageMagick can do this, but in practice I'm not able to perform this task.

Could somebody suggest me the syntax of the command (of the commands) needed to reach my goal?

Are there other converters able to perform the job I'm looking for?

You can use tiffcp utility from the libtiff package.

tiffcp -t -c jpeg <infile> <outfile>

will do the job.
ImageMagick can help also, but without tiling:

convert -compress JPEG <infile> tiff:<outfile>

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