2002.09.19 11:03 "TIFF Curious", by Mike Southern

2002.09.19 19:08 "Re: TIFF Curious", by Peter Montgomery


I'm not entirely sure what you're looking for. You say you basically decrease the gamma before entering the image into a database. Okay, then you just need to write a program that will read an image, perform gamma correction on it, and then save the image. This is pretty basic stuff and shouldn't take you too long to write. Why use PhotoShop at all if that's what you're doing? Another poster mentioned CMYK, but I noticed that you didn't mention it anywhere in your post. I guess he assumed that you needed that since you are involved in printing, but is that the case or does your database store the images as RGB? What exactly are the steps you do from reading an image to entering it into the database?