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1993.05.28 02:36 "tiff 3.2.patch file, and other stuff...", by Ken Sumrall
1993.06.21 18:00 "Re: tiff 3.2.patch file, and other stuff...", by Sam Leffler

1993.06.21 18:00 "Re: tiff 3.2.patch file, and other stuff...", by Sam Leffler

    Subject: tiff 3.2.patch file, and other stuff...
    From:    Ken Sumrall <>
    Date:    Thu, 27 May 93 19:36:46 PDT

    Hi TIFF dude,

    I just pulled down the 3.2.patch file for the 3.2beta.tar.Z distribution
    of the TIFF library.  I have two questions...

    1)  The 3.2.patch file seems to turn the README file into the version 3.1
    file.  I assume this is a mistake, and there should be a 3.2.patch
    version of the README file.  Is there?

    2)  The VERSION file went from 3.21 to 3.20.  Again, is this a mistake?

    All the other changed files have newer RCS tags in them, so I assume they are

The patch file was created from a slightly screwey source tree
and so the above problems exist--they can be ignored.

    The README file on the ftp server says that the 3.0 version of the library is
    there to build with the pbm utilities.  I have actually fixed the
    tifftopnm.c file to work with the 3.2 version of the library.  It was a
    definite bug in the tifftopnm.c file, and I'm suprised it worked at all.
    Would you like me to mail the tifftopnm.c file to you?

Please send it to Jef; pbm is his distribution.

    Finally, are the JPEG compression routines going to be available in the near
    future?  I've already seen a few JPEG compressed TIFF images, and the only
    program I have that understands them can only display them.

I have no intention of doing any work on the JPEG code.  There
are discussions starting up again on the TAC mailing list (TIFF
Advisory Council) about issues in the JPEG part of the TIFF 6.0
spec.  These discussions include Tom Lane, so perhaps someday
the PD JPEG code will be recast in a form that can is suitable
for use with the TIFF library.  It currently does not deal with
tiled images well and so is difficult to use.