2002.10.03 08:47 "JPEG 2000 in TIFF", by Julien Demaria

2002.10.03 18:26 "Re: JPEG 2000 in TIFF", by Frank Warmerdam

Would this mean we could then have GeoTiffs with the same compression ratios as ECW and MrSID?


In my opinion JPEG2000 provides roughly competative compress/quality ratios as ECW and MrSID. So with some caveats, yes this could give us the ability to have GeoTIFFs with roughly comparible compression ratios to ECW and MrSID.

Of course no one would be able to read them without an updated Tiff library...


I would add, in an odd twist, the Mapping Science (http://www.mappingscience.com) folks who are working on a geographic extension to JPEG 2000 (called GeoJP2 (tm)) are essentially embedding a stub Geotiff file in the JP2 file to provide georeferencing. I find that an amusing twist on embedding JPEG2000 files in TIFF.

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