2008.04.10 15:56 "[Tiff] PREFIX with a comma?", by Dean

2008.04.10 17:36 "Re: [Tiff] PREFIX with a comma?", by Dean

Bob Friesenhahn wrote on 04/10/08 12:06:

I am trying to install libtiff to a directory with a comma in the name. make fails because libtool uses commas for some sort of delimiter. Any suggestions here?

Don't do that! :-)

It seems that the blame of libtool is really a blame of the syntax that the compiler itself uses.

If you really need to use directories with commas, you could set up some symbolic links which make them available via more normal paths. Otherwise, it seems that using commas are spaces in directory paths is just asking for trouble in a Unix world.

Thanks for the reply Bob.

Help me understand which piece of the equation is causing the problem. Appears to me that libtool is passing some arguments to g++ which barfs because it uses commas to delimit values to its arguments. Is that the situation?

Spaces and commas are completely valid filename characters "in a unix world."

   Symlinks won't work because of company policies and we have 788 other

software installs that don't mind having a comma in their directory name.


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