2007.06.27 06:55 "[Tiff] Fw: Patch: TIFF Group 3/4 decoder support for PIL 1.1.6", by Renier Morales Rodríguez

2007.06.27 14:21 "Re: [Tiff] Fw: Patch: TIFF Group 3/4 decoder support for PIL 1.1.6", by Frank Warmerdam

I know this is far from ideal. There is a libtiff bug report from the year 2004 (http://bugzilla.remotesensing.org/show_bug.cgi?id=688) explaning the need for tiffiop.h and tif_dir.h to be installed (tiffiop.h didn't use tiff_config.h back then). There is also the explanation of why they are not installed (they contain private structures and functions) along with the intention, but without promises, of creating some separate interface for this kind of access. I'm adding my vote to that request, but couldn't the header files in question just be installed in the meantime? Given that there is no timeline for such special interface and all.

I hope the libtiff developers won't see a problem with adding the requested headers to the installation for now.


From my point of view tif_dir.h and tiffiop.h should still not be installed because the detail private interfaces. The dangers of depending on such private interfaces will become quite evident to any such users when they upgrade to libtiff 4 since there have been many internal changes.

If PIL wants to use the G3/G4 code from libtiff I'd suggest instead
that the code just be copied and adapted for the purpose. I've done
this successfully for another g3/g4 format in my GDAL library.

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