2007.03.16 06:40 "[Tiff] How to identify maker notes IFD", by Anurag Singh

2007.03.16 19:20 "Re: [Tiff] How to identify maker notes IFD", by Chris Cox


Just so we're clear: maker notes are part of the EXIF specification, not a part of TIFF.

And because maker notes are undocumented, they are not so easy to parse.

And because they frequently contain offsets into the original file, they cannot be maintained after image editing (at least not without crashing some application/camera/printer that tries to read them).

And without documentation from the company that created the maker note, you really can't tell anything about the contents of the maker note (unless they're nice enough to include a really easy to find JPEG). You can make some educated guesses, but you will have false positives and false negatives. (yeah, I've looked at em)


On 3/15/07 11:40 PM, "Anurag Singh" <contact.anurag@gmail.com> wrote:

I am parsing Exif IFD and want to provide proper handling for maker notes, but i am not able to identify either it's ordinary maker notes or maker notes IFD.

Example for makenotes tags, it's written as

92 7c 00 07 00 00 0e ca 00 00 13 64

So how can anyone sure that it's makernotes IFD? Even i know that it's maker note ifd, but not able to difrenciate with normal case.

Is there any tags through which we can identify?

How would I identify these two different cases?

Please help me.