2007.04.05 16:07 "[Tiff] Floating point RGBA", by mark meijer

2007.04.05 21:53 "Re: [Tiff] Floating point RGBA", by Bob Friesenhahn

Sample Format: IEEE floating point
  Compression Scheme: PackBits

That seems like a very strange combination. If I remember correctly, packbits is a byte-based RLE scheme. Applied to floating point data, compression ought to be very inefficient.

Is your image confidentiel? Can you send a copy my way? I probably won't be able to help you right away, but gathering floating point images from various sources now may be helpful at some point in the future.

GraphicsMagick seems to read the image ok (using recent libtiff) so I think that the problem encountered is likely due to an issue with the application using libtiff, or perhaps an old libtiff is used that has a bug.

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