2006.06.02 15:22 "[Tiff] TIFFWriteRawStrip with multi-strip?", by

2006.06.02 15:22 "[Tiff] TIFFWriteRawStrip with multi-strip?", by

I have already-compressed (COMPRESSION_CCITT_T6-type) data which I'd like to bind to a new TIFF file. So, I'm setting rows-per-strip equal to the image length (height), and I'm using something like:

checkCount = TIFFWriteRawStrip(someTifStructInstance, 0, someBuffer, theSizeOfThatBuffer);

and this works just fine.

However, I'd like to now use an arbitrary value for rows-per-strip. But this means I need to find the byte offsets within 'someBuffer' so I can call TIFFWriteRawStrip repeatedly, incrementing the strip number. The crux? Since the data is compressed, how in the crap will I know where each strip's data begins within 'someBuffer'? Each strip is going to vary in size.

Can anyone think of a clever way to work around this? Well, it doesn't even /need/ to be clever, as long as it's reliable.

(Of course, I could decompress the data into a temp buffer, then use a loop of TIFFWriteEncodedStrip, but the decoding and re-encoding is the very thing I'm trying to avoid). ;-)

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