2006.04.04 16:50 "[Tiff] BigTIFF Suggestion", by Larry Michaels

2006.04.14 17:44 "Re: [Tiff] BigTIFF Suggestion", by Antoine

This is probably a stupid comment...

I thought you could create your own tags with tiff? I would be shocked to find that that wasn't the case with bigTiff (having strictly 0 knowledge of the aforementioned...)... so why not create your own tag and be done with it? There are heaps of punters out there that do that and an app that ALWAYS wrote filename + size +??? would surely give you something to work with.

Then again I know nothing about bigTiff...


ps. the tag may not be "standard", but that doesn't stop anyone from optimising their app... after all - what about wang annotations?

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Bob Friesenhahn wrote:

> ImageMagick's MIFF format (extension via pure concatenation)

Sorry, I'm too lazy at the moment to go and read the ImageMagick source, but in the light of Joris' recent comments, I wonder how you handle that reliably, if it's really pure TIFF concatenation. I mean, there's nothing in a TIFF that tells you the size of the file, so the only way would be to either scan for the TIFF signature (dangerous), or to determine the "last" offset that isn't referred to anywhere (complicated, and with the image deletion problem Joris sketched).

ImageMagick's MIFF has nothing to do with TIFF. MIFF is a rather simple format in which a sequence is comprised of the same stuff which forms a stand-alone image, but concatenated together.


This is where I should put some witty comment.