2006.03.27 23:18 "[Tiff] Compile errors Tiff-3.8.0 on FreeBSD 5.4", by Karyn Williams

2006.04.03 09:23 "Re: [Tiff] configure in tiff-3.8.2 cannot deal with path with spaces", by

I'm on a Mac OS X Server 10.4.5 machine.

If I try to configure libtiff and the tiff-3.8.2 directory path contains a space I get the following warning:

This has been a problem with autoconf for ages since it is very difficult to portably handle spaces when using command-line utilities. The simple solution is "don't do that!".

And what is the complicated one? :-)

If this is an autoconf's bug, should I file a bug against it? I cannot believe that in the twenty-first century we cannot yet deal with spaces and other characters in the pathname… I know almost nothing about all the autoconf and configure thing, where do you suggest me to start looking at if I would try to elaborate a patch by myself?

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