2005.08.05 03:50 "[Tiff] TIFF file from RAW format", by anil kumar

2005.08.04 05:34 "[Tiff] TIFF file from RAW file", by anil kumar

I am new to TIFF, I am thankful if anybody answer my doubt

I have a "RAW" file created from a TIFF file, then i process the RAW file (apply some profile changes), then i have to save the RAW file as a TIFF file. What all tage values should I set in the new RAW to TIFF conversion. I need the new TIFF as exactly same as TAG values in the orginal. Should I get all TAGs from the orginal and store them, again

set when I save the the RAW to TIFF. Is there any single function

which acquire all TAG information from a TIFF file, then apply to a

new TIFF file?