2016.09.07 16:14 "[Tiff] remotesensing.org URLs (http and ftp)", by

2016.09.09 10:16 "Re: [Tiff] remotesensing.org URLs (http and ftp)", by Gary McGath

> At the moment Github is most popular. It is difficult to predict > which offering will succeed and will be the most responsive if some

> change needs to be made.
> Bob

There's an "unofficial mirror" at (https://github.com/vadz/libtiff). Its recent update is 5 days ago. Is it reliable? most

I ask because I've posted on my file-formats blog about the situation and (https://madfileformatscience.garymcgath.com/2016/09/08/libtiff-offline/)

would like to mention that as a stopgap link, but I want to make sure

it's OK.

BTW, anyone who wants to comment on that post to add information or correct errors is welcome to.


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