2023.05.11 14:30 "[Tiff] TIFF test file generator (based on GraphicsMagick)", by Bob Friesenhahn

2023.05.11 15:34 "Re: [Tiff] TIFF test file generator (based on GraphicsMagick)", by Bob Friesenhahn

Would it be possible to support YCbCr with your script as well? We can read and write those since some time ago (see https://www.asmail.be/msg0055222281.html).

It would be easy to produce simple uncompressed YCbCr without sampling. GraphicsMagick does not offer/support YCbCr sampling algorithms in TIFF, which immediately becomes a very esoteric topic all by itself.

I see that the discussion thread is about YCbCr in JPEG (which GraphicsMagick does support, but by using libtiff/libjpeg features), which is yet again another topic. I am happy to see Joris Van Damme invoved, since he is a believer in the "spirit" of TIFF (i.e. if it can be done according to the TIFF specification, it must be TIFF).

Another esoteric topic would be Adobe's DNG, which is something that libtiff is finally getting at least tag support for.


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