2005.09.08 19:13 "[Tiff] creating JPEG file", by Philip Watkinson

2005.09.08 21:00 "RE: [Tiff] creating JPEG file", by Philip Watkinson

Hi Bob,

You asked what I meant by "single JPEG image file".

I may need some clarification. I know that JPEG is a type of compression and that TIFF files can contain JPEG encoded data. I know that Windows programs such as "Imaging for Windows" allows users to open TIFF and JPEG files. What is the format of a JPEG file? Is a JPEG file a TIFF file with JPEG encoding?


I have some image data with the following conditions:

  1. There can be 1 or more tiles for each image.
  2. For each tile, there are 4 planes. Each plane corresponds to the

> components in the CYMK colour space. 3. The data for each plane is > JPEG encoded.

Yup, sounds feasable within the specification.

Using Libtiff 3.7.1, is it possible to create a single JPEG image

file? If so, is there sample code available?

What exactly do you mean by "single JPEG image file".

I assume that development GraphicsMagick 1.2 can be used to read/write files like you describe via libtiff although I have not specifically tested this combination with JPEG compression. Support is present for all three of your conditions. GraphicsMagick is open source and free to use for any purpose.

I definitely recommend using version 3.7.3 rather than 3.7.1 since it has fewer bugs (see ChangeLog for 3.7.3).

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