2004.12.30 13:33 "[Tiff] regarding compressed tiff files", by Meenatchi Raja Rajeshwari

2005.01.03 16:31 "Re: [Tiff] regarding compressed tiff files", by Gerben Vos

i want to create compressed tiff files. i know how to create an uncompressed tiff file. is that ok if i mention the compression algorithm name in TIFFTAG_COMPRESSION tag?

Yes, that will work. You must set the compression tag before you start writing the image data, and libtiff will do the work for you.

any other change i have to make in the code which is creating uncompressed tiff file.

You should use TIFFWriteEncoded{Strip,Tile}, not TIFFWriteRaw{Strip,Tile}. Works for uncompressed TIFF as well (because encoded and raw are the same in that case).

Gerben Vos.