2005.08.03 08:00 "[Tiff] Padding", by anil kumar

2005.08.03 13:55 "Re: [Tiff] Padding", by Frank Warmerdam

On 8/3/05, anil kumar <anilfirst@gmail.com> wrote:

I need help for 2 doubts on TIFF file

  1. I need to get the count/information of "DIB padding" bytes from a tiff file, which tag should I use to extract this information


Are you asking what sort of padding is used in TIFF scanlines on disk? There is no explicit tag addressing this, but there are rules.

My understanding based on a quick review of my own code, and a vague recollection is that each scanline of data is passed out to the nearest byte but that there is never a whole byte of passing space. The intent I gather is to ensure that each scanline starts on a byte boundary. Of course, for 8bit imagery this is already the case so there is no padding.

  1. I read the TIFF file and create the "RAW" file, but when i view it, it seems that part of image is appeneded to the bottom of image? What could be the reason??

This is not enough information for me to formulate any useful guesses from. There is an art to asking questions well that greatly improves your chances of getting a useful answer. I try not to guess to much at peoples intentions as I end up spending alot of effort answering the wrong question.

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