2007.04.11 23:10 "[Tiff] O-JPEG problems", by Mick O'Neill

2007.04.12 03:04 "RE: [Tiff] O-JPEG problems", by Mick O'Neill

Thank you so much for that, Joris. I will experiment with it over the next week or so, and try to get it embedded into ImageMagick (and consequently my own open-source MagickNet). I'll let you know how I go.


This is why we've replaced it with a totally new one, build from scratch, that is far more robust, and supports very nearly all OJPEG images out there, including many types without JPEGInterchangeFormat tag. We feel more confident with this new OJPEG codec, which is why this one is enabled by default. We did this new OJPEG after the release of the latest stable version, so if you need it you need to get a hold of a CVS copy.