2007.06.29 13:44 "[Tiff] Microsoft Image Viewer", by Jonathan Finger

2007.06.29 09:07 "Re: [Tiff] Conversion of TIFF to JPG / BMP / PNG", by Peter Pan

Thank you for your suggestion.

I am looking for source code for an embedded system (Enea OSE). The conversion functions should be integrated.


Kevin Myers <kmyers1@clearwire.net> wrote:
          Many different open source applications for this purpose. However, I would personally suggest GraphicsMagick or ImageMagick assuming that a command line tool is oriented to your needs.


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Subject: [Tiff] Conversion of TIFF to JPG / BMP / PNG


Is there an open source software to convert a TIFF file to JPG, BMP or PNG?

An alternative using libtiff could be first converting first TIFF to PDF.

Is there something that can convert PDF to JPG, BMP or PNG?




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