2007.05.13 17:47 "[Tiff] JBIG2 compressed TIF question about bpp", by t t

2007.05.13 18:48 "Re: [Tiff] JBIG2 compressed TIF question about bpp", by t t


The software I'm using has a compression format just called RLE, I looked at the resulting image in another viewer and it say it was Huffman RLE (Huffman coding). Here's the exact thread I was referencing: http://www.asmail.be/msg0054717898.html

I can also save with PackBits compression and maintain 24-bit (TIF) without a problem. I see PackBits is also mentioned in the reply to the thread I mentioned above.

So I'm facing a similar situation with the JBIG2 as I am with Huffman RLE.


On 13-May-07, at 1:47 PM, t t wrote:

I found a very similar question in the archives here where somebody wanted to save a non 1-bit TIF with RLE encoding but the TIF specification doesn't support that and he would have to take it down to 1-bit first to do it.

Which RLE do you mean? This isn't the case with PackBits.


So is this a problem with the software I'm using or does the TIF specification not support it?

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