2006.04.11 21:15 "[Tiff] tif_getimage.c", by Joris Van Damme

2006.05.30 02:38 "[Tiff] New Old Jpeg Support", by Kelvin Zhong

Joris & All,
  Since the new Old Jpeg available in the libtiff 3.8.3. I found it can almost read all the OJPEG-IN-TIFF files that i have encountered. Recently I meet another task related with OJPEG-IN-TIFF, I want retrieve all the raw JPEG stream data from the OJPEG-IN-TIFF file without decoding, then output this stream as JFIF file or save it as another well-formated tiff file that can be read by other applications.(this approach saved the time of decompression and compression of the image data)

And i have a glimpse on the new tif_ojpeg.c file, and try to doing so. do anyone have any suggestions?

thanks in advance.