2006.04.19 10:45 "[Tiff] TIFF + Group4 will last 10 years?", by Rui Castro

2006.04.19 22:47 "Re: [Tiff] PDF/A vs. TIFF", by Leonard Rosenthol

You didn't finish your sentance. I think you meant "So that's a non-issue for ISO standards". Patents are a huge issue to the world at large even if the licensing fee is "reasonable".

I'll leave this discussion to /. and direct it to /dev/null...

So, if the original presentation is not bit-mapped raster

Even if it's bitmap raster, it's more reliable in PDF/A - since all possible forms of storage of the data are well defined and fully documented. Unfortunately, that's not the case with TIFF given the variety of variants and incompatible implementations :(.

Consider the following...

100 years from now someone comes across a storage device containing two documents - one in PDF/A and one in TIFF. There are no current "software" products that can read either format, and so one must be written from specification. ASSUMING that the specifications/standard documents are available - which would be easier to implement from scratch WITH NO REFERENCE IMPLEMENTATION.

THAT'S the overridding concept by which the PDF/A committee (of which I am a member) were striving for during our development of the spec. (not the TIFF part, but the general concept). And for anyone that things that 100 years is a LONG TIME - that's NOTHING compared to the legal requires for the US Gov't and Nuclear Regulatory folks.


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