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May 2007

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2007.05.15 21:01 "Memory leak opening and closing files?", by Zak Frentz

Hi, I'm using libtiff v. 3.8.2 compiled with gcc on a Mac G5 with OS X 
10.4.9.  I am trying to open, and read several thousand 16-bit grayscale 
TIFFs, in a serial fashion.  I noticed that memory was quickly 
decreasing as I did this, at the rate of about 10Mb per second!  I tried 
just TIFFOpen and TIFFClose on each file in the list, and still the free 
memory decreases, though about 10x slower.  Here is some code:

    TIFF *img;
    for (i = 0; i < n_files; i++) {
       img = TIFFOpen(file_names[i], "r");
       if (img != NULL)
       else {
          fprintf(stderr, "Could not open file %s\n", file_names[i]);

Any ideas on solving this problem?  Thanks!