2006.04.04 16:50 "[Tiff] BigTIFF Suggestion", by Larry Michaels

2006.04.04 22:09 "Re: [Tiff] BigTIFF Suggestion", by Frank Warmerdam

On 4/4/06, Chris Cox <ccox@adobe.com> wrote:

How often do applications append something to a TIFF file instead of writing the whole file at once?

I don't think this is a common enough occurrence to change the file format.

Larry / Chris,

I'm of the same opinion. If we were designing he format from scratch I *might* think this was a good idea. But I am hesitant to put features in BigTIFF that make it different than TIFF (other than Bigness support of course).

Of course an application for which this was very important could keep track of the last directory offset in a small associated text file if needed.

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