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May 2007

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2007.05.10 19:41 "Re: Aperio TIFF and JPEG2000", by Alex Lisovich

Hi All,

Our group is working on medical image processing using ITK imaging
toolkit which internally is using the libtiff for tiff file access.
Recently we were asked to work with Aperio slide scanner images which
are recorded in tiff format using the JPEG2000 compression for tiles.
I am wondering if anybody have implemented the J2K codec within the
libtiff framework, even as an experiment, and if not, is it doable in
principle and how difficult it would be to use, for example,
libtiff/OpenJPEG combination to accomplish this goal?
I tried to search the archive of this forum, but it seems the last
libtiff-j2K discussion is dated back to 2005.

Thank you,

Alex Lisovich