2007.05.13 17:47 "[Tiff] JBIG2 compressed TIF question about bpp", by t t

2007.05.13 19:22 "Re: [Tiff] JBIG2 compressed TIF question about bpp", by Toby Thain

On 13-May-07, at 2:48 PM, t t wrote:

The software I'm using has a compression format just called RLE, I looked at the resulting image in another viewer and it say it was Huffman RLE (Huffman coding). Here's the exact thread I was referencing: http://www.asmail.be/msg0054717898.html

I can also save with PackBits compression and maintain 24-bit (TIF) without a problem. I see PackBits is also mentioned in the reply to the thread I mentioned above.

So I'm facing a similar situation with the JBIG2 as I am with Huffman RLE.


So the issue seems to be that the software doesn't downsample to 1 bit when saving TIFF but you want to use JBIG2 or "Huffman RLE"? Does this matter? It presumably doesn't use libtiff either, so I'm not sure how this list can help?




On 13-May-07, at 1:47 PM, t t wrote:

I found a very similar question in the archives here where somebody wanted to save a non 1-bit TIF with RLE encoding but the TIF specification doesn't support that and he would have to take it down to 1-bit first to do it.

Which RLE do you mean? This isn't the case with PackBits.


So is this a problem with the software I'm using or does the TIF specification not support it?

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