2007.03.18 18:45 "[Tiff] (no subject)", by Sean Parsons


I've built libtiff on Dev-C++, using a "pre-compiled" Devpak version of libtiff (http://devpaks.org/). I installed the libtiff Devpak in Dev-C++ (tools/packages ...etc), created a project, and in the project options tab linked the libraries.

However when I try and do something like,

#include "tiffio.h"
    TIFF* tif = TIFFOpen("foo.tif", "r");

I get compilation errors like,

lib/libtiff.a(tif_unix.o)(.text+0x26b):tif_unix.c:undefined reference to '__fxstat64'

with undefined references also to 'mmap64' and 'munmap'.

Is this a bug or am I doing something wrong? I'm fairly new to c++, so please forgive my incompetence! I also posted this on the Devpak part of SourceForge.net.

Thank you,


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