2007.05.17 08:53 "[Tiff] Using LibTIFF from C#", by


I am trying to load a tif file (LaB 16 bit, but 8bit LaB and 8bit RGB don't

work either) from within C#.

I can load the file using TIFFOpen:

IntPtr tiffFile;
tiffFile = TIFF.TIFFOpen(new StringBuilder("C:\\test8rgb.tif"), new

That seems to work, but then calling the TIFFRead... functions closes the

program without any warning.

int scanLineSize = TIFF.TIFFScanlineSize(tiffFile);
byte[] tempTest = new byte[stripSize];

TIFF.TIFFReadScanline(tiffFile, ref tempTest, 1, 1);

The only thing I can think, is that the function is trying to access memory

outside of its bounds, and .NET doesn't like it doing that and exits,

although I am not at all certain that is what is happening.

Hopefully I am just missing something fairly simple.

Thanks for any help anyone can give me.



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