2004.12.29 09:39 "[Tiff] TR:", by Jamel BEL HADJ BRAHIM

2004.12.30 11:41 "Re: [Tiff] Search samples of using COMPRESSION_CCITTFAX4, LSB2MSB", by Joris Van Damme

HBITMAP hImage = (HBITMAP)LoadImage(NULL, "C:\\test001.bmp", IMAGE_BITMAP,

>From the top of my head, bitmaps of 1 bits per pixel have a palette. The reason for your TIFF appearing inversed might be that the source palette is what you regard as inversed. It might be a good idea to check the palette in your code, and if it is what you regard as inversed then either

  1. 'inverse' your source data
  2. or use photometric MINISBLACK instead of MINISWHITE

As to the LSB2MSB not working for you, when writing, this might be a LibTiff bug (or shortcoming), I wouldn't know. Possibly someone else may be able to comment on this.

I don't wish to nag, but please rest assured that we all saw your message. If you don't get a reply, that's probably because nobody's able or willing to reply, or everybody's out of the office. It's party time, this time of year.

Also, please do note that the HTML format of your messages is horrible. I've seen this before: it's generated by Outlook, but when I quote it, in Outlook, I next have to manually get rid of doubled newlines. I have to do the same, manually, on every one of your messages in the archive. Bloody tiresome, to say the least, I feel more like a typewriter then a coder when I have to do such stuff. Many feel that one should use the plain text format to mail to mailing lists. (Some, including me, feel that one should use plain text format wherever possible. We're coders, we're supposed to be format aware, and avoid bloat stuff that communicates a character per ten bytes or so, especially when we don't have any use for it. We are supposed to be horrified by stuff that is impossible to postprocess automatically, properly, and that is produced by an app from a vender that clearly thinks lowly of standards and tries to avoid free interchange of data.)

Joris Van Damme
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