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2016-09-13 7:32 GMT-04:00 <rleigh@codelibre.net>:

At the moment Github is most popular. It is difficult to predict which offering will succeed and will be the most responsive if some change needs to be made.

Github was my first idea as soon as I heard about this news. It has a lot of

I was originally going to write just this, but since you already wrote it let me second this. A DVCS is the way forward.

My thought as well. It doesn't matter much which host but git is the way forward. It's likely to be around for decades and nearly everyone has been forced to learn how to deal with it by now ;-)

Also, regarding the libtiff name, github's name squatting policy is rather vague but I suspect they would agree to renaming the inactive libtiff account so we can have the name, assuming it is truly inactive. I think we should contact github directly instead of trying to reach the user though.