2022.11.12 21:50 "[Tiff] Fatal error with JPEG compression", by Miguel Medalha

2022.11.13 02:00 "Re: [Tiff] Fatal error with JPEG compression", by Bob Friesenhahn

It would be good if the utilities understood some of these limitations and supplied a default rows per strip so that users don't need to know such arcane details.

I agree. Anyway, the proposed solution still doesn't work with tiffcrop. Which, by the way, to this day continues to produce a RGB JPEG when instructed to produce a YCbCr one, and vice-versa. I wish I knew how to fix this thing, but I don't...

GraphicsMagick does this. In C code it requests JPEG compression and YCBCR photometric and also the special "TIFFTAG_JPEGCOLORMODE,JPEGCOLORMODE_RGB" hack. The resulting files are much smaller (e.g. 2.5x).

I am not sure if tiffcrop supports this.


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