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2016.09.08 16:26 "Re: [Tiff] Fwd: Re: remotesensing.org URLs (http and ftp)", by Bob Friesenhahn

But similarly to www.remotesensing.org which is privately controlled, I guess the same applies for www.simplesystems.org?, so for long term sustainability perhaps we should aim for another plan.

The www.simplesystems.org site is hosted in a dedicated computing closet in a residence by an individual (me) and accessed over an old ADSL link since 1999 (could now update to gigabit GPON) so it must be utterly future safe. ;-)

What about having a libtiff.osgeo.org that could serve as a home and run the cvs checkout with a cron job? (if the libtiff community thinks that OSGeo is a good fit for libtiff home). And then we could ask Mark to redirect http://www.remotesensing.org/libtiff/ to libtiff.osgeo.org?

We should strive to get libtiff.org back regardless of what machine is hosting the web pages. If osgeo.org is able to offer up original HTML files refreshed every hour from CVS (or eventually git) and if we can expect someone to be able to help when required, then that would be fine by me.

Longer term we should perhaps decide if we migrate away from cvs.maptools.org + bugzilla to something else (github, osgeo trac with git, etc...), but I guess that we'll have the incentive only when things will break out...

At the moment Github is most popular. It is difficult to predict which offering will succeed and will be the most responsive if some change needs to be made.

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