2005.01.20 20:08 "[Tiff] deleting tags!", by Antoine

2005.01.21 20:27 "Re: [Tiff] deleting tags!", by Antoine

ps. what exactly do we lose with tiffcp? I found one way of "deleting" a tag - tiffcp will fail to copy a tag if it has an illegal value for its value (or values, I think it was the number of values that it takes, or size of the value, I forget, anyway we had dateTimes that had 25 whatevers and should only have 20, the tag was present before setting another tag, and absent after...)

As to what we lose with tiffcp, I can't give a precise answer. But there are esoteric tags not addressed in the list processed by tiffcp. Also, tiffcp unpacks and repacks the imagery and as far as I know this could lose (or correct) some quirks of the original image.


I guess I'll have a look and see what I can understand in tiffcp. In fact, for what we wanted to do getting rid of the unknown tags was a feature! There were some tags photoshop put in that are also not in the ATA spec, so they had to go - tiffcp not copying them was great. I guess at the very least it will be a good base to work from. I warn you, you may get some silly questions though. I will try my best ;-).