2005.01.25 06:36 "[Tiff] converting tags", by Lee Howard

2005.01.30 17:36 "Re: [Tiff] converting tags", by Lee Howard

So the best solution should be allocating the new tag.

I agree. It took me some tinkering to come to that conclusion, but changing typedefs of tags causes an enormous compatibility problem that I don't think we want.

You can try to ask Adobe to reserve the tag number for Hylafax

My understanding is that SGI reserved tags 34908 through 34914 for HylaFAX. We're currently only using 34908-34910. If my understanding is incorrect, please correct me.

(I think that Chris Cox may be the one who knows in advance how to do this).

The form is here:


When you will have the special tag I can add support for it into libtiff.

Thanks. I'll need to write up a patch for suggested libtiff support for the new tag myself, to test it while I work on the HylaFAX side of things. However, I would certainly appreciate some comments on this: