2005.01.20 20:08 "[Tiff] deleting tags!", by Antoine

2005.01.21 18:29 "Re: [Tiff] deleting tags!", by Antoine

Sorry, I wasn't clear. I meant copying the way that tiffcp copies, tag by tag with "structural tags" handled by libtiff. So for instance Antoine could hack a version of tiffcp that did not copy the "target" tag. But tiffcp can be lossy in various ways so that isn't necessarily a great solution.

Hi again, and thanks for your suggestions. The thing is that the (potential, we haven't got the contract yet) client needs the tiff files to be in a particular format - TIFF ATA v5 (2100), and our scanning software (drivers?) seems to want to produce a tag or two that are not allowed in this version. It may just be possible to tweak at that end, I haven't investigated fully there, but if not... does nobody else have a need to do this? It would be very strange if we were the only people to ever be asked to do something like this - what am I missing here? I would like to get to know libtiff (and tiff in general) a bit better cos we do a *lot* of work with tiff files but my c is abysmal. Any pointers would be great.


ps. what exactly do we lose with tiffcp? I found one way of "deleting" a tag - tiffcp will fail to copy a tag if it has an illegal value for its value (or values, I think it was the number of values that it takes, or size of the value, I forget, anyway we had dateTimes that had 25 whatevers and should only have 20, the tag was present before setting another tag, and absent after...)