2005.01.20 16:34 "[Tiff] SampleFormat tag error", by Yasin Alakese

2005.01.21 18:35 "Re: [Tiff] SampleFormat tag error", by Frank Warmerdam

My problem is, I am trying to open a .tif file with TIFFOpen(...) and i got this error message.

"D10G.tif: Warning, incorrect count for field "SampleFormat" (1, expecting 3); tag ignored."

And after this message the file will not be opened. I can not go further. I looked at the archives of this forum, i searched internet but could not find anything.

Has anyone have any idea how to fix it and open my file to read the values of pixels?


The error means your file is incorrectly made. Could you make it available somewhere I can download? I had thought that libtiff now would just "extend" the sampleformat if it was short but it doesn't sound like your version is.

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