2004.09.13 11:15 "[Tiff] help needed - adding Annotated text", by Sonaye Chandan

2004.09.13 18:41 "Re: [Tiff] help needed - adding Annotated text", by Richard Morris

The latest version of VIPS, 7.10.2 (at http://www.vips.ecs.soton.ac.uk/vips-7.9/index.php) builds on libtiff and other graphics libraries-- including Pango, to allow a certain amount of text rendering (look for the function 'im_text', which can also be called as a command-line executable). VIPS has many, many other functions, so it might be larger than what you want for your application, but I have found it to be much faster than most other generalized graphics tools.

Rick Morris
Application Developer
MOS Imaging Systems