2004.03.01 20:10 "[Tiff] Hello world", by Xevit

2004.03.01 22:10 "Re: [Tiff] Hello world", by Chris Cox

I'm working on a vision project, and I want to make a viewer for a large files ( >= 4Gb ).

Currently I've developed a small viewer using libtiff that works on a tiled image that makes 100.000 x 100.000, and works fine. Altrought, I have some problems because I want to read and write some tiles in this file without doing the read from one file, and writing to another.

I've been read some information about this, and I find that libtiff don't support this. Anybody knows a solution for this problem or alternative.

TIFF cannot support any file over 4 Gig.

That is a limitation inherent in the TIFF spec. and no changes to libTIFF can change that.

You need a different file format - but at this time, very few image formats go over 4 Gig.

(and very few implementations go over 2 Gig correctly ;-)