2004.09.16 19:12 "[Tiff] BigTIFF Tag Value Count issue", by Joris Van Damme

2004.09.17 13:20 "Re: [Tiff] BigTIFF Tag Value Count issue", by Rob van den Tillaart

Primary signalling, but I prefer opt. 3


The Number of values must be U64 too as my tag might describe an additional value for every pixel of the image. And as the image can be 4gig. this array will too.

Shouldn't an extra channel be used to encode this data, instead of a tag? The mechanisms for the encoding of the raster is already there, outside of the tag mechanism. Otherwise, sooner or later, you'll end up wanting to tile/strip your tag data and whatnot.

I expect that will be sooner as one wants to keep 'fluxdata' in sync with the image-data. However in o0ption 3 the number of tags grows to 4G, so extra tags for "fluxtiled" and "fluxstriped" is not the problem.

As I have not much experience with additional channels, I trust you that an extra channel could also solve the example. The example was to show the added value of a bigger 4-byte "TAG-space".