TIFF and LibTiff Mail List Archive

2002.10.21 17:26 "Trouble setting libtiff", by Fernando Valdez

Hello TIFF�s:

It�s a simple trouble with libtiff integration in my C++ compiler.

Editing and later compiling a text like this:

#include "tiffio.h"
    TIFF* tif = TIFFOpen("foo.tif", "r");
    ... do stuff...

Carry me a problem by the compiler and linker send me this message:

C:\DOCUME~1\vale\CONFIG~1\Temp\ccSmbaaa.o(.text+0xc3):estees~2.cpp: undefined reference to `TIFFOpen'

What files i must put in what directories or what i must do for my compiler could "see" libtiff and execute this program and the other C++ files you show in the examples ftp site.


P.D: Passing this trouble with your unvaluable help i�m sure the other functions .3t linked with tiffio.h will be anabled.


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