2000.07.06 04:06 "libtiff crash with G4 file", by Peter Skarpetis

2000.07.12 04:50 "Re: libtiff crash with G4 file", by Peter Skarpetis

I have resolved the problem. It was the old uint16 versus uint32 problem. This stuff seems to have been forgotten when the changes from shorts to longs happened for the runs arrays. The diff before is for the file tif_fax3.c against version 3.5.5

<               sp->refruns[0] = (uint16) sp->b.rowpixels;
>               sp->refruns[0] = (uint32) sp->b.rowpixels;
<               run = runs[0] = (uint16) (lastx - x);
>               run = runs[0] = (uint32) (lastx - x);

Can someone apply this to the CVS tree so it appears in the next version?


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