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2000.07.14 13:33 "Complex Images", by Frank Warmerdam
2000.07.14 15:27 "Re: Complex Images", by Niles Ritter

2000.07.14 15:27 "Re: Complex Images", by Niles Ritter

Therefore, I propose that we add:

SAMPLEFORMAT_COMPLEXINT 5 /* !signed complex integer value */
SAMPLEFORMAT_COMPLEXIEEEFP 6 /* !complex IEEE floating point value */


This might be a good time to try to give Adobe a kick in the pants about the now-4-years-late TIFF 7.0 draft spec, which got swallowed up in internal politics before. Since the code is not > 32K, it is not a private code and so (theoretically) is owned by Adobe. This means that they could come out with another definition of the number "5" that would break our stuff, since they own the TIFF format.

Somewhere around here I recall seeing the email address for how to get to a human being at Adobe without paying $$$ for a "partners" account. We should make an attempt (heroic or not) to at least give Adobe another chance to prove they arent overtly hostile to this green-eyed-stepchild they inherited called TIFF.

--Niles (coauthor, GeoTIFF)