2000.11.23 20:06 "Using libtiff without reading from a file", by Wolfram Bettermann

2000.11.24 00:30 "Re: Using libtiff without reading from a file", by Leonard Rosenthol

I would like to use libtiff in a Window environment (NT, 2000). For our client/server enterprise solution we need to quicky decode TIFF images,coming from an IBM mainframe, and get it displayed on Windows based clients. The problem is, that libtiff needs for all of the API functions a file handle (fh), means you have to do I/O first before you can decode the TIFF image. What we would like to do, is passing the (TIFF) file contents as a blob of data for decoding directly to libtiff, without first reading it from disk.

Take a look at ImageMagick (<http://www.imagemagick.org>) which is an image processing library that uses libTIFF for it's TIFF support and fully supports working with in memory "blobs".


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