2000.11.23 20:06 "Using libtiff without reading from a file", by Wolfram Bettermann

2000.11.23 22:16 "Re: Using libtiff without reading from a file", by Joris Van Damme

TIFFClientOpen() is not perfect.

By some reason it takes pointers to all file access functions except Open, i.e a function that takes a file spec and returns a handle. I wish somebody fix this bug in LibTiff interface.

Why is that such a bad thing? In fact, what would be the 'file spec' if you want to read from memory? The one and only complete spec that is always suitable is a 32bit 'handle', which you can supply. If you want to work with open files, just open them first. You can assume they need to be opened anyway if LibTiff is to do something on their data, can you not?